Palm Sunday

April 5

  • Jesus' triumphant entrance into Jerusalem

  • Spends the night in Bethany

         ·       Matthew 21:1

         ·       Mark 11:1

         ·       Luke 19:29

         ·       John 12:12


April 6

  • Leaves Bethany

  • Curses the fig tree on the way into the city

  • Weeps over Jerusalem

  • Cleanses the temple for the second time in His ministry

  • Late in day, looks into the Temple, then leaves the city

  • Spends the night in Bethany

        ·       Matthew 21:12

        ·       Mark 11:22

        ·       Luke 19:45


April 7

  • Leaves Bethany

  • Finds the fig tree withered; teaches on faith

  • Possesses the temple and its precincts; confounds     and pronounces woes upon His enemies

  • Leaves city; Olivet Discourse on way back to Bethany

  • Judas bargains with Sanhedrin to betray Jesus

  • Spends the night in Bethany

        ·       Matthew 21:20

        ·       Mark 11:20

        ·       Luke 20:36

        ·       John 12:20


April 8


  • No record in the Gospels, but much activity as Jesus prepares for Last Supper and as Judas and Sanhedrin prepare for Jesus' arrest

  • Remains in Bethany throughout the day, stays the night there


April 9

  •  Peter and John sent to make preparation for Passover meal

  • After sunset, eats meal with the twelve; washes disciples; Judas departs

  • Lord's Supper instituted

  • To Garden of Gethsemane; Jesus' agony

  • Betrayal by Judas; arrest by Sanhedrin

  • To house of High Priest as Sanhedrin is convened; Peter betrays Jesus

·       Matthew 26:1

·       Mark 14:1

·       Luke 22:1


April 10

 The Trials of Jesus Christ

  • First trial, before Annas [nighttime hours]; Annas is looking for an accusation,biding time till Sanhedrin is gathered at High Priestly villa

  • Second [and primary] trial before Sanhedrin, Jesus is condemned, misused

  • Third trial, immediately at dawn [meanwhile, Peter denies Jesus a third time;

  •  Jesus looks upon him]; the condemnation repeated, then Jesus was taken to    Romans

  • Fourth trial before Pilate [till "beginning at Galilee"]

  • Fifth trial before Herod [looks for a miracle]

  • 6th trial before Pilate

  • Jesus is scourged; the city cries, "Crucify Him or we will tell Rome!"

  • Jesus is finally turned over to be crucified

  • Jesus mocked (Roman soldiers); crown of thorns

  • Judas hangs himself

  • Jesus bears His cross to gate on the north of the city and is crucified around    9 am

  • Jesus' Seven Sayings from the Cross

  • "Father, forgive them..."

  • "Today...with me in paradise"

  • "Woman, behold thy son..." [darkness: noon – 3 pm]

  • "My God, My God..."

  • "I thirst"

  • "It is finished"

  • "Into Thy hands..."

The Death of the God-Man

  • About 3 pm; the veil was torn, rocks rent; some graves opened and people    rise [to mortality] and go  into the city

  • Jesus' side pierced

  • Passover lambs slain in the temple

  • Jesus buried by sundown


April 11

  • At the request of the Jewish leadership, Pilate grants a guard and sets a seal    on the tomb of Jesus

  • Matthew 27:66

Easter Sunday

April 12

  • Jesus Christ rises from the dead (before dawn) and makes five appearances on the day of His rising:

1. To Mary Magdalene [given a message to the disciples]

2. To the other women who come to the tomb [intending to complete the                        burial preparation of His body]

3. To two disciples on the Road to Emmaus

4. To Simon Peter [nowhere recorded, but alluded to in Luke 24:33 and 1 Corinthians 1:5]

5. To the astonished disciples [Thomas is absent]

        ·       Matthew 28:1

        ·       Mark 16:1

        ·       Luke 24:1

        ·       John 20:1

Daily Passion Week Meditation