True Comfort

2 Corinthians Series: PERFECTION IN WEAKNESS

2 Corinthians 8:1-12 


Pastor Joe Son

December 6, 2020 




Reflection Questions:



1.    When it comes to serving or giving, do you let your situations and circumstances dictate when and          how much you serve or give? 
2.    Are there areas in your life, where you are serving and giving begrudgingly or out of obligation?
3.    Are there people in your life that the Holy Spirit is moving your heart to serve?
4.    Is the gospel of Jesus Christ moving you to live as a means of grace to others?


Sermon Summary

In our passage today, Paul is writing to the Christians in Corinth about their giving, but spends most of his time writing about the churches of Macedonia. He is encouraging the Corinthian believers to follow the example of the Macedonian Christians in how they were taking part in the relief of the saints in Jerusalem. The Macedonian Christians, who themselves were being afflicted and in extreme poverty, were abundant in their joy and overflowing in their generosity towards suffering brothers in Christ. They were earnestly and wholeheartedly giving out of their own accord. And Paul is saying that it was all possible because it was the grace of God that was given to them. Even in their difficult circumstances, even in their suffering and poverty, God was using them and working through them to be His means of grace towards the suffering believers in Jerusalem. As paradoxical as that sounds, that is the way of the Gospel. Emmanuel, God with us, is a paradox. God’s own Son dying on the Cross for sinners, is a paradox. Victory, salvation, and eternal life through Jesus’ death on the cross is a paradox. In the same way, Jesus Christ became poor for our sake, so that we, by His poverty, might become rich. And what Paul is saying is that we too, are called to live our this paradoxical life, by the grace that we have in Christ Jesus. We too are called to partake in God’s kingdom work, by being a means of God’s grace to others. And that itself is a privilege, a gift, and the grace of God that is given to us. As we prepare our hearts during this season of advent, let us meditate on the person and life of our Lord Jesus Christ, who came to us as Emmanuel, who became poor so that through him we might become rich. And I pray that we too will follow in His footsteps to live our lives for the sake of others. 

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We pray that this exercise will strengthen your relationship with the Lord as you draw near with confidence.

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